Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

And the rocket's red glare...
I got up early this morning and crept downstairs to read a little bit before anyone else woke up. I try this often, and it almost never works. Today was an exception.  It wasn't until 7:30 (and yes, that is sleeping in around here) that the girls were up and excited to celebrate the 4th of July. Carys came down first, dressed in too-big denim shorts with the waistband rolled over so they won't fall down and a red-and-white striped shirt.

"Good morning! Are you excited about the fireworks tonight?" I asked her, as she climbed up into the chair with me for a morning snuggle.

"Yes! That's why I picked out this outfit. My shirt is like the 'Merican flag."  Impressive. Frankly, I had just assumed it was coincidental.

Next, Bronte came sweeping into the room, already full of drama:  "Mommy. Big problem. I don't have any 4th of July clothes!"  Chloe followed close behind and was quick to join in: "Yeah, I don't like any of our old 4th of July clothes!"

"Old" 4th of July clothes? I didn't know they had any 4th of July clothesOh, but I do love being mom to three girly girls who think about the importance of such things! 

Still, as the chatter progressed from outfits to pool parties to cookouts to fireworks, it seemed a good time to take a few minutes to remind them what all the fuss is about today. The girls didn't bother putting up a fight about being required to review "school work" on a holiday. They figured out there's no holiday from learning two years ago when I made them do a full-day's lessons on Thanksgiving:  "Show how THANKFUL you are to homeschool by doing extra work today!" (Before anyone asks, no, I do not make them do schoolwork on Christmas or the entire month of December, for that matter).

Like any self-respecting homeschool mom, I started with flash cards. We reviewed ten of our Classical Conversations time line cards specific to the American Revolution...

The first four of our ten American Revolution flashcards

We then watched/listened to a reading of the Declaration of Independence:

Carys actually did watch the whole video, to my surprise (I didn't realize she was paying attention until the 6:20 mark when, after all the other actors in the video had read two or three times each, Graham Greene appeared and Carys said "Hey, a new guy!").  But Bronte's eyes quickly glazed over.  Chloe eventually tuned out altogether, though in her defense it was so she could focus on spelling out "AMERICA" with Connect Four checkers.

I had better success with something a little more age-appropriate:

With the history lesson over, we went on to enjoy our day. 

We didn't head in to D.C. for the fireworks or attend a fabulous block party or watch any parades. No, we just swam a little. Baked a little. Ate and laughed a lot and made s'mores and played with sparklers and celebrated the day with our family. 

It was simple and it was good.

Chloe sparkles.

When I tucked Carys in tonight, she was utterly wiped out, but happy. Still smiling from all the fun, she said her prayers: 

Dear Jesus, 
Thank you for our Independence Day. 
And for giving us s'mores. 
And fireworks. 
And new 4th of July dresses. 

Girls who love to dress for the occasion.

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